Avondale has a rich history of immigration and residential streets filled with working class families who continue to take pride in being named “The Neighborhood That Built Chicago.” 

Avondale needs your help to build an immediate safety net. Our community has been deeply impacted by Covid-19 and the necessary quarantine. Many Avondale folks have jobs that cannot be done from home. Our local shops and restaurants are closed for the short term, but it is unclear how and when they will be able to open and fully re-employ their workers.

Your donations will help provide food, medicine and support to the residents of Avondale. Our all-volunteer team will provide boots on the ground for logistics and information services. We will seek out those in need (online and in the real world) then shop, deliver, and help locals navigate online resources like housing, unemployment applications and social services.

Covid-19 will affect our neighborhood in unexpected ways for months and possibly years to come. We want to bounce back and with your help building a safety net, Avondale will more than survive, we’ll be on the road towards thriving again. 

When the quarantine is over, come visit our neighborhood. The unexpected mix of multi-generational family shops — often referred to as where Eastern Europe meets Latin America — is combined with a robust artistic community. Walking is the best way to take in the murals, which are a feast for the eyes. And you’ll work up an appetite for authentic cuisines from Poland to Peru. Chicago has a history of rebuilding; Avondale wants a future for our residents to build on.

If you can donate, please go to our GoFundMe here.

Who we are: Avondale Mutual Aid Society is an all-volunteer group operating in the Avondale neighborhood in Chicago. We are prioritizing folks who are houseless, disabled, undocumented, recent immigrants, quarantined without pay, sick, elderly, queer, and/or people of color.